The Workstation

Back to work and no time to play. So today there will be no photo with the M8. Instead I would like to show you my workstation at home. The place I try to use every once in a while to edit photos, videos or just relax. The setup: Macbook …


When Fall Takes Over

To continue the celebration of a new Leica I wanted to publish a few more photos. These are from Sundays walking around my backyard. As of now I have managed to work through: Two Leica M9 (one black and one grey). Two Leica M type 240 (one black, one silver) …


Leica, I just had to

So for a while I tried to stay away from Leica. Using the Sony A7II as run and gun with all the tech they offer. However I can’t but feel so very detached from the moment when using a Sony. It delivers quality photos and video with great dynamic range …