32 Bit… The whole spectrum

32Bit HagadammLeica M9, Voigtländer 15mm at f/9.5, 1/30 + 1/125 + 1/500sec, ISO 160, Merged in PhotoShop and adjusted in LightRoom 

HDR, the horrible thing for a Leica-shooter to think about, “How can you ruin your images with that non realistic nonsense?” – you say.
Well sometimes you just want that full dynamic without that noise that surfaces in the darker shadows when you push to far, so why not use that Auto Bracketing feature your camera is equipped with I mean if Leica Camera AG gave you that possibility, they thought you should have it. Think about it, what can you do with your Leica M-Digital:

  • Aperture – or rather thats up to the lens so scratch that.
  • Shutter speed – Yep, up to 1/4000 sec. so this is one thing you can do.
  • ISO – Wow now were talking pushing the limits for the “hardcore” Leica enthusiast, Why? well you could go for the Auto ISO setting.
  • White Balance – Ehh yep again but why, how many do use the JPG files? For me I’v set the camera to save a fine JPG in B&W just to se the possibility of the frame straight in camera.
  • Shutter Release – Discrete, thats how I roll.
  • Auto or Manuel setting for Lenstype – I have one coded (50/2) and one non coded (15/4.5) and somehow I think its better to go non coded. Why? well the only way I can imagine the camera to adjust for the lens is by pushing the exposure, a little like when your in Lightroom and dragging the exposure one way or the other, if you get to far your get that noise (almost) everybody hates. Compensating for CA? hmmm isnt this different for every lens on the planet give and take? There is a slight tolerance in production so the CA cant be the same even though you take 2 lenses that have been produced just after each other. So why use the cameras processing power for this.
  • Auto Exposure Bracketing – Now her we are… you have in your hand a camera that is retailed around 5.000€ and is the most hardcore camera one could own, Nothing added thats not there to be used, so why in gods name did they add AEB if you cant use it as all the other knobs on this back to basics camera? I think that somehow Leica knew that the CCD-sensor is sensitive when it comes to noise so you can instead bracket and merge you files to get rid of the eventual presence of noise.

I don’t think the above is the best example for good use of the HDR possibility of this camera but I do like the output. And the camera is not supposed to dictate how or in what way you use it just because its how its been done for centuries. You decide, If you want to use every Auto feature your camera has and your happy with the result, Go for it! Don’t listen to much to all the I know best. Read allot if your interested you might learn something new or find something interesting but the main thing: Use your camera in whatever way suits you.

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