500px Stockholm Photowalk 2014

6th of September was the day a big part of the photo community was waiting for. 500px had earlier announced there annual World Photowalk and Stockholm was one of the cities entering, Hosted by Karanveer Sing Sodhi.

My first but not last photowalk.
500px had the balls to have “Patterns and Signs” as the theme of the years event. This was by far the worst possible choice. All in the eye of the photographer anything can be related to these two words. Some more obvious then others. However I’m not in any way trashing down on the choice of theme instead I encourage them to find something even more frustrating for the next time. It made us think out of that square box we all live in when we are at our home field.


To view more of the photos from Stockholm visit the official Global Photowalk STHLM 2014.

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