A guidé to light metering with Leica and other toys

Now that I’m owning the perfect weapon for super-production, the Leica M9 I I started to think about the light metering system in this camera. Most of the time I look at the composition and exposure compensate with the wheel on the back of the camera but its not the perfect way when you don’t know how the metering of light works in the little house of M9. Therefore I started to search the web for an answer.

Thorsten Overgaard is one well know Leica Superhero and therefor a given man to turn to in this matter.

The link below will not only tell you how the Leica works and how you can use it to your advantage but also how he thinks the rest of the camera world has crippled the photographer by moving crucial settings into the depth of menus, from my point of view thats not entirely correct as we nowadays have the X-series from Fujifilm and most “pro-line” cameras can be setup to use the external controls for easy and fast adjustment on the fly.

Thorsten Overgaard – Light

One thing is for sure… it’s all about light, nothing else just light.The light

The photo is from a restaurant in Stockholm, I wont name it because I would not recommend it to anyone after the experience my family had there the last time, but then again I wouldn’t throw garbage at them so it’s up to any and everybody to decide for them selves.
Processed in Lightroom and Perfect Effects, Camera Body: Fujifilm X100s

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