A Landscape Within

A landscape within

A Lanscape Within, Canon 5D mark II, EF 85mm f/1.2, at f/2.0, 1/2500sec, ISO 100, RAW converted to B&W with some help from Perfect B&W.

Running around on a small Island near Åland with a Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 and trying to create a landscape shoot really pushes you to the edge when it comes to creativity. This, the God among fast portrait lenses. It’s so fast that if you blink you’ll miss it, well that is the focus, I’m talking about shallow DOF. But this day was nothing about portrait and all about Landscape so lets get back to the photo.

What is a landscape? big views of beautiful nature in the horrible hours before sunset and just after sunrise? To me it can be at whatever time of day in any location that feels like a beautiful view when you look through the finder. So thats what happened. I saw this little water puddle, the water had probably been standing still here for a few weeks or more so that was not the beauty. Not the blue/turquoise water you would see in the photos from the Caribbean and not the silky smooth water that appears when a long exposure turns a violent storm into a misty haze of water drops. But contrary to the seas around the Island the water was still like only a evening manages to produce. This gave way for my fantasy and opened the possibility of a reflection photo of a distant mountain.
You can if you look behind the “mountain” see the Baltic sea. I wanted this to show even though I created my own small universe.

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