A lost Soul

Originally posted*, 2012-09-15:

Saturday… beautiful weather and what seems to be the last “summer day” this year. By now, fall is luring behind walls of green.

“A lost Soul”, New cars are as interesting to take pictures of as a flower without its crown. Now that is not totally true, there are some cars that look good on photos but It mostly looks like a advertisement photo. This old family friend (not my family) has a history… somebody has probably used it as a camper van when traveling all around Europe, imagine the young couple with their 2 kids, pressing there faces against the windows when the world flies by, now and then stopping for a cheep refill of the tank or finding the hot spot on the beach. Even tho someone gave up on this car a long time ago, they still wanted to show him of. Look at our family friend without him, we would not be the people we are.VW-Redigera

So about the picture…


Canon 5D mark II
Tokina 19-35 f/3.5-5.6
at f10
ISO 100


This picture didn’t go through the light processing… When I found this car I knew that it needed a bit of hardcore processing. 6 exposures fused in Photoshop to a single 32bit file. Processed in CameraRAW, after that, I duplicated the layer and processed 2 parts in Topaz, one for the car and one for the green. The car is actually 4 layers of different blend modes and the green 3 layers. all blended together with the original 32bit tone-mapped file.

*= from my old website, as you can se in the Archives I have a few pieces published in 2012, those are moved to this site and republished at there original dates, however I felt it better to just publish them again. Creating this new website was a hard decision and took allot of thought. The reason being that I created the other site in Dreamweaver and therefore created every single piece of  button and design element by hand. The reason for changing over to a WordPress based site was the smother workflow and not so much manual labour.



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