A windy day for the A7r

This is one of those places and times when you think “wow… It would be nice to grab that tripod and create a long exposure photo.” However the only tripod I had in my car at the time was the Gorilla Focus and even a sturdy Manfrotto wouldn’t have saved the day. Just trying to stans up us hard, the wind is like a monster beating everything in its way with a breath of ice cold water spray. Sitting in the car looking out at the waves and the water spraying over the bonnet makes you wonder if it’s a good idea to step out onto the ice covered asphalt. To protect myself from the worst of the wind and the water I hid myself behind a small billboard. After 3 photos I had to get back into the car to warm up for a few minutes and then throw myself out there again, what to do for the sake of art.

Windy Jönköping 1 Windy Jönköping 2 Windy Jönköping 3

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