Abandoned city

One more photo from Saturdays photo walk with my friends Per Ardne and Sophia Ardne and of course my wife Mee and son Aaron. This is the small town Trosa like alot of towns around the Swedish country side, it´s filled with small houses and cute gardens the difference with this one is the fact that the lake Mälaren runs through it and with that comes alot of rich people with their boats and If you have a big boat you need a house at the waterside so the price tags on the houses in this small town is crashing into the roof all the time. But waking up to this view might be worth it. On top of that it´s just an hours drive from Stockholm City.9542HDR-Redigera

So about the picture…

Canon 5D mark II
Tokina 19-35 f/3.5-5.6
at f11
ISO 640

A post card view of the town. 3 exposures fused to a 32bit file that i processed in Adobe CameraRAW. Duplicating that layer gave me the possibility to process 3 separete files in Topaz and NiK HDR, one of the sky, one of the ground and a third for the water.

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