Annedal and the M

M240 AND Noctilux

A few days ago I went back to where it all started with me trying out lenses on the M9. This time I went back with the M240 and my 2 new lenses,  the Noctilux f/1.0 and the CV 21mm f/4.0. Two totally different lenses and I think that’s how it has to be with the M. You can’t use 30 lenses with close one equal focal lengths on this system. That way you will only confuse yourself how how to focus your lens the best way and what focal length to mount. I still have the CV35Nocton but it’s out for sale.  This way I have to learn the proper way to focus the Noctilux in every situation. In addition to this I have added the RX1 for full frame compactness with AF and close-up-kind-of-macro-photo. I was thinking hard about what combo to go.  Also searching for a OM-D system but I think that a fixed 35 is the and this 35 is a monster.
So getting back to Annedal, visit was short and not very efficient but I got a few frames that I like.

M240 AND CV 21mm

It’s possible to create some 3D feeling even with the 21 at f.4 and using the Liveview and shortest focus distance you can somewhat separate the foreground from the background.

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