Annedal, the walk

Just the other day I needed some fresh air and some way to leave all my thoughts at work so I decided to make my lunch into a short photowalk in the new district Annedal in Stockholm. Still trying to figure out the best way to handle the M9 when not shooting portrait I used the 50 Summicron in the way it felt good. It´s so easy to set focus on a close subject such as a eye or a face but when it comes to more distant objects its harder to know when your right on or not. Aspecially if the thing your focusing on is constantly moving, like a tree or a field of flowers. When this happens I feel like you have to rely on zonefocus but that works at smaller apertures so how do I manage to do this at say f/2… I think one word covers it all: Practice. So that will be what I have to do for the coming weeks.

Practicing means a few things, you learn (hopefully) new stuff, and you (probably) burn a few pictures to hell but then again Rome wasn’t built in a day so I will keep on practicing until I master the technique of RF-focus.

I just love the M9, I love the feeling of it in my hands, the weight and the robustness. It’s built like a tank. The thing is tho that this combined with the price-point and the fear of cracked CCD makes me treat the camera like it was my baby. When driving back to work it sits neatly next to me in the passenger seat, I would feel like a dork putting the seatbelt around the camera so it wont fly away if I happened to get into a cumbersome situation but I have drawn a very thin but still existing line there, No belt around my ba… M9.

Annedal is and will become a beautiful district just touching the lovely city of Sundbyberg. However pushing this small area as far as they now are doing can’t be good… As I recall they are building Annedal with apartments for 5000 residents adding to this will be schools, shops and all the facilities the modern urbaner needs, all this on twenty acres.

But I am not here to write about that… this site is all about the Image so, enjoy.

Annedal blue bridge

The Blue… a bridge that crosses the boarder between the new and the old

I just love the colors and the rendering of the M9 with the Summicron 50, To the above Image I just added some sharpening, removed all noise reduction, and gave the eye a way to the bridge by adding some vignette. To overcome my “fear” of focusing at distant objects I set the lens to f/8 and went for the almost infinityfocus.Annedal wooden seat

Have a seat… Not just an ordinary bench was placed here, no way the thought and craftsmanship behind this resting place is lovely and it seams like its that thought that comes back in every part of Annedal.

I didn’t want the colors from the grass and the house and all the backgroundnoise to draw the attention form the viewer so I felt that the B&W would do the thing for this photo.

Annedal a fixed spot

This is how we build…

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