Bangkok after Dark

The night scene in Bangkok is incredible. Standing on the 63:d floor and just watch the buzzing going on on below you is just amazing but the best thing about it is the climat. From time to time it might rain but when it does it does it like a shower, quick and effective. So if you happen to be out walking, you just step inside one of the Starbucks and have a coffee (preferably a cold one), sometimes you have to enjoy the coffee for a longer time then planned, but eventually the shower will be turned off.


So about the picture…

5D mark II
EF 85mm f1/8
at f16
ISO 250

This picture is actually one frame of a panorama… there is however something about panoramas. They are hard to “show of” on the net… or In a computer for that matter. everything shows out so tiny so its hard when there is to much information or small details in the frame. This picture went through some adjustments in Lightroom. After that I popped over to PS and created a copy of the layer and pushed that through NiK HDR Efex Pro and blending the two layers together, finishing of with the always so needed sharpening.

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