The way that the lens renders the out of focus areas, This is one of the few players in that area at least when it comes to lenses with autofocus. The Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM a heavy piece of machinery and a incredible piece of art.

At 1,025grams it´s not the lightest of lenses but the “compact” design makes it very well balanced on the 5D with battery grip. But keep the grip on and don’t think for a second that the camera will stand upright with the lens mounted.

I think Canon made this as a “Show of” lens. when you manage to nail the focus it´s incredibly sharp but you will on moving subjects probably go with the 20 to 1 ratio to get that sharpness. Especially on the 5D the only way is to use the center focus point and do not… I repeat do not reframe before pulling the trigger. Normally my way of using this lens on my son is, AI Servo, Center focus point, Burst mode, and go trigger happy. It´s not charming neither is it accurat or bulletproof but once in awhile you get that “Ahha-feeling”.IMG_3598Manual Focus on this beast, well it´s not pretty, focus by wire is never a good way to go but in my mind I can understand why they went down that road. with it´s compact design yet huge frontelement you would have to be a bodybuilder to move that focus ring without some assistance. I managed to shoot some film with it and it works. You just have to learn to liv with it and love it.

IMG_3496So the above Image of my son was the first picture that I got out of this incredible lens. As you may notice the focus ended up on his tongue instead of the eyes, but this is one of the times I forgive him (the camera) because I just remember how my son all night long rubbed his tongue against his upper jaw because of some newcomers in form of teeth. It also shows hos shallow the depth of field is at f 1.2.

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