Samsung Galaxy Note edge

Samsung NOTE Edge

So I decided to give my selfe a christmas gift. The new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. I have previously been using the iPhone 5 and after that the Note 3. I do enjoy the larger screen on the Note and the S-Pen. However after buying the iPhone 6 Plus to …


Leica M Edition 60

A M240 without all the gadgets. A true Leica in its most simple form. No display, no Movie mode, no nothing not even Jpg. If I had the cash 15.000€ I would go for it. Instead I will have to duct tape my screen on my M240. Read more about …


The New Photography – Lytro A e×iting time in the world of photography. Lytro is Soon to releas their new modle ILLUM. If you live in the US you could take advantage Of the preeorder features.