City Hall of Stockholm

Yesterday I managed to squeeze out 51 minutes of cameratime. And Decided to do this at City Hall.
Why visit one of this commercialized tourist attractions? Well its always a great way to se interesting people and how they interact with each other.
However not a lot of the photos are of these people.
Every day I think today I will take the next step in my photography. Get closer to the people, instead I just enjoyed the incredible weather this day gave us.
I even mounted the CV21/4 and tested the EVF. It worked great,  beter then I could ever have asked for. But still the rangefinder is the way to go with a Leica. However it’s a great complement.


City Hall in all its glory


Noctilux f1, the first photo of the day
An old motorbike screaming for attention
Ending the session with some iced latte

Leica M240
Noctilux f/1.0
CV 21mm f/4.0 with Olympus VF-2
Samsung Note 3

Post Production:
Mac Book Pro 17″
Light Room
Samsung Note 3
Photo Studio PRO

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