Costa Rica… Land of Colors

Someone clever once said “the best camera is the one you have with you”. And thats the truth, the only truth. You can have equipment for hundreds of thousands of dollars but if you always leave it at home you will never get the picture. And the worst thing is that you will never learn where to look and how to handel your gear when the time is right. At this occasion I was on a bus on my way to La Fortuna, Costa Rica. As always during this time I had my EOS 20D with me but the chunky camera felt missplaced when I was sitting on the bus so instead I had the wristband around my hand, in the other end of the band the Sony DSC-T9 was hanging on for dear life. As soon as I found something remotely interesting I pulled the trigger.

The below image is one of those times. Its not particularly sharp, its not the best composition. but I love the colors… It wasn’t until today that I found the picture in this image that I took back in 2009 on a bus somewhere in Costa Rica.

DSC05810About the Image:

  • Sony DSC-T9
  • 6,33mm
  • f/5,6
  • 1/640sec
  • ISO 80
  • Processed in Lightroom.



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