EOS the Small One


So I just couldn’t stay away from this investment.
My wife is going to Thailand with our two son’s leaving in the middle of September. I have done this before… Buying a camera for here to take along documenting the time in the sun when I’m at home. We’ll the last camera was the Panasonic GF3, the most trashed upon out of the G3 series. I bought it with the fixed 14mm. That camera traveled with me to Germany on a short trip before going to Thailand and never return, why? Well here brother liked it so much that he bought it.
This time I’ve told her to bring the camera back to Sweden because this time it holds something that my other cameras can’t handle, Magic Lantern.  This time it’s the holy grade of crapy development ideas, The Canon EOS M. This camera when it was introduced back in 2012 was supposed to be the big step into the future for Canon entering the world of Mirrorless cameras. With its APS-C sensor from  the 650D big brother, on sensor  PDF, 18MP, ISO 100-25600. This would be the killer for Panasonic, Olympus, Nikon and Sony. What Canon tragically missed was testing the system before launch and because of sluggish AF and no manual controll the vast majority of camera reviewers trashed the camera and pushed Canon so far down there shooes that you couldn’t even make out what was the top and bottom of the wet spot left in the dirt.
Canon went back to the drawing board and came back about a year later with Version 2, afraid of the harsh words of the Western world the only dropped that version on the Asian market.
They have now since half a year back stopped the production of the v1 however the market is flooded with shops trying to get rid of it to prices about a quarter of the intro price.
We won’t know what will come next from Canon, hopefully the start to listen to the photographers that are the ones to use this highly priced units and release something that we want.
This brings me to yesterday…  I love to make a good deal and this one was to good to stay away from so I bought the M with 18-55 and 90ex.

Eos M

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