Extensive Work

Ljunglöfska Renovation
Ljunglöfska Renovation
The Castle Ljunglöfska, undergoing extencive renovation. To me this Castle has always looked great but my opinion is not important. I se this place everyday going to work. It’s such a lovely area to live in but at the moment the renovation turns the castle into the “Haunted Mansion”

One god thing that comes out of it is that it’s giving me new opportunities to photograph a building close to home without publishing the same image every time.

At the moment I’m out on the road, sometimes a business trip can give you that photo opportunity you need. I live in the suburbs to Stockholm on the east coast and traveling to the west coast always gives you that feeling of woow, am I still in Sweden? As soon as I get back home I’ll start processing the photos from this trip.

20130723-222814.jpgEarlier photo of the castle before the tear down, using the 5DmarkII

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