Finding a different angle

My goal is that every day I will publish a new photo and something interesting to say, until a few days back I at least accomplished one of those two things (up to you to decide which. But due to workload this weekend and family matters filling up the day I just could not find the time to sit down and contemplate for a moment.

Allot of the photos I publish is old ones that I find in my folders hidden on different HDD. But the ones that I publish today is not that old. In fact if you read my previous posts you’ll se the common subject in frame, “The Turning Torso” in Malmö. This is probably one of the most photographed buildings in Malmö sins a few years back. So why take another photo when everybody have done it? Well why not try to find a different angle an interesting perspective. walking up to the building in this case is no problem… there is no fence its not situated on a deserted Island and from time to time the weather isn’t that bad in the area. So in this case… step away from the object. try to find something that complements the building. A contrasting shape. How many people walk around photographing art in an exhibition… to many I think and I’m one of them… I have a hard time to let the camera go and just enjoy what I’m looking at. It’s like an alcoholic with the bottle you have to constantly remind yourself that you might disturb your surroundings at the same time you’ll miss out on reality.

So do yourself a favor… take a look at the world from time to time without the filter of the camera in between and when you use your camera… think of every way possible to photograph and don’t… Try to find the impossible instead.

Leica M9 – Voigtländer 15mm at f/8.0, 1/180sec, ISO 160L1000561

Is this what’s called “Leading lines”, Leica M9, Voigtländer 15mm at f/9.5, 1/125sec, ISO160

L1000562-RedigeraLeica M9, Voigtländer 15mm at f/13, 1/90sec, ISO160

Due to the Voigtländer lenses not being coded the f-stops might be wrong. I only write whats in the metadata.

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