Fujifilm XM-1 a new player is out

fujifilm-XM1_threeLook out, according to the spec. of this camera everybody should be afraid.

  • 16.3mp X-trans CMOS sensor (same as on X-pro1 and X-E1)
  • Flipp screen
  • Beautifull design
  • Wifi
  • Approx. 330grams incl battery and memorycard

I just loved the X100 and the X100s… I was on the way of buying a used X-pro or X-E1 when the Leica M9 popped up in my face and thats what I really wanted to try out, but when it comes to ISO-performance and ease of use, the X100-series are topping out the M9 ten times over.

The only thing I would have loved for the XM-1 would be an accessory port where you could add a external viewfinder by the way to clarify that I meen a EVF. You could slide on one of those OVFs in the Hot Shoe, but thats not the same thing is it?

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