Fun with a Flash

DSC03765-2During this time of year you have 2,5 choices (at least in Sweden) when it comes to handheld photography:
1. High ISO Photography
2. Flash Photography
2,5. Large Aperture Photography (well this one creates the limitation of DOF so thats why I only give it a 0,5).

1. When it comes to this alternative there is always the loss of detail that you have to handle. Todays cameras are great when it comes to ISO ranging from 1600 to 6400 however you still loose allot of information which instead is translated into noise.

2. The all mighty flash, an interesting instant burst of enormous light reaching above and beyond… a few feet.
The flash is, from my point of view a way to enhance already good light, what I mean is that if you can expose the background to your liking the flash can add to the main subject.

So where do I want to get with this? The above photo was one of those play-around-with-a-flash-and-see-what-you-get kind of thing. I do love the result and even though the background was unexposed it did something for me. However playing around in Lightroom is one of those things I like to do from time to time so I took my RAW-file and loaded it into LR and WOOW, bellow you can se a cropped and pulled back version of the exact same image as the above. The A7r does what its supposed to. At ISO 100 it still gathers enough information to blow your mind away.
The downside was that I can not go above 1/80th of a second with the flash on remote trigger.


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