Going into Space

Kockum Bombshelter

On more photo from Malmö, This space rocket is actually a bombshelter developed in Germany. The Swedish version is most of the time below groundlevel but this was designed to house 100 engineers in case the worst would happen. It must have been a tight squeeze to get that many people in to this construction. I imagine the shape is to divert bombs from hitting the structure. However I think a better solution is to strap a huge engine on the building sending the engineers into space, NASA here we come.

About this image.

The Leica M9 and the 35mm 1.2 had to work a bit here, I set the camera to AutoBracketExposure 3 exposures 0 -2 +2, I then merged the files with Photoshop HDR Pro into one 32bit file which i processed to a neutral result in Lightroom and then exported again into Photoshop for the more advanced PP. A few layers with different layerstyles, masking and using Topaz finally gave me this result.

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