Green Heaven

IMG_9622In the summer of 2011 me and my wife went to Germany to visit her friends. Around Munich there is quite a few places to visit so we spent allot of time riding around in a car. The above picture is one of those times when you look out a window and say “oooooh how beautiful”, Most of the times the pictures come out, out of focus, to much motion blur or you aren’t fast enough to get the photo… instead you end up with half a truck or a gas-station or something els that you didn’t want to bring home as a memory.

To tell you the truth. the above picture was not how it was… it’s more how I imagined it to be. Endles fields of green. The exposure helpt me allot to accomplish this 1/6th sec at f22 with the 18-50mm on the EOS 50D. I’m actually amazed that something is in focus most things will be in focus at f22 and 26mm but still I’m impressed.

IMG_9533-RedigeraThe mission of the day was to reach the castle.

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