Hagadamm, where did all the water go?

While in my car on my way home from one of the many trips Iv done through Sweden. Sitting and programing the navigationssystem (I know, not a good idea to do this while driving) for the shortest rout home, in my eyes something strange flashed by… I saw something that looked like a lake but not at the same time. I just had to go back to see what it was.
I´v told my self time and time again that if I see something interesting I will stop or turn around and go back if possible, on a 10h rout it will only add a few minutes however most of the time I will blame the “hmm there was no good place to stop at” or the “Well all get back here later”. But this time I just had to go back straight away and Ohhh my god how happy I’m about that decision, from now on I WILL always if possible take care of business straight away.

So what is this place? Hagadamm, well some kind of water reservoir is the only thing I can think of… the dry summer must have drained the pond right down to the bare seafloor. only a small ditch in the middle is all thats left. I could hear a pump working hard to get that last filthy water.

Hagadamm Dry out

Leica M9, Summicron 50mm f/2, At f/2, 1/4000sec, ISO 160

The Summicron 50 works great for landscape as well. even though shooting at F/2 might not be the right way to go all the time. But that 15mm Voigtländer really gives that dramatic look to a scene. I’m starting to gat a hang of the rangefinder vs the focal length, so most of the time I kind of get what I think.

One thing though… 15mm is sooo wide, so so so wide, I really meen it this time its sometimes terribly wide the below picture I had to retake a few times and still I had to crop the final image because of a concrete foundation that was in the left bottom corner, I really could not move to a possition to get the framing I wanted without eather getting the concrete thing or the alternative of jumping down on the bottom of the pond but I know that a suite and tie is not the right choice of clothes for Mud Wrestling so I opted for the one thing I try to stay away from as much as possible… cropping, I love all the possibilities of Lightroom and Photoshop and all the other alternatives but the crop tool… Well If I can I try to frame as the final result should be.  Hagadamm Dry out B&WLeica M9, Voigtländer 15mm, At f/8, 1/350th sec, ISO 160

I could have probably made it by using the magic of photoshop and content aware and clone but I felt that this time I don’t want to mess with the image like that. the same with the tree sticking up to the left. In full frame it looked great but now hmmmm I would have loved that line to be even, so again content and clone but nooo not this image.

With this said I love the Voigtländer but it does not look like a Leica image… mostly because you know it’s an awkward FOW on that camera and because of the DOF most Images shown with the Leica is Street, Shallow DOF and some kind of underlying feeling of art. I could have probably produced the above image (kind of) with my 5D Mark II and the 17-40mm but it’s a bulky camera to lug around while on the fly all the time and I would have probably taken out the Tripod even though I know shutter speed is fast enough for handheld… and I would have fired away about 100 frames on this place not ending up with more keepers then I did with the M9 at only 7 frames. Stop, don’t you even think about the “work your angles” If Im not going to spend half my days at sites like this I can only fire away so many shots.

Next week will be dedicated to my son… he is turning 1 year the 30th of July so some images will definitely have his face on them.


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