Heineken The Experience

July 2010, Me and my at that time girlfriend now wife, decided to go to Amsterdam to just spend some time for ourselves. Little did she know at that time that I am such a huge fan of photography, everywhere I went the Canon 50D came along. Still today 3 years later she asks if I have to carry around “that camera” all the time. But if it wasn’t for the camera I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. With that said, her is some photos from Heineken. Heineken Enterence

The World of Heineken, When you arrive in Amsterdam take a few days, or at least a day to just wander around the streets and soak up the atmosphere… when you feel ready head down to “The World of Heineken” and don’t forget to bring that camera along for the ride.

The Brewery 1 The Brewery 2 Brewery Detail Heineken Amsterdam Heineken Digital Experience Heineken Roof The BeerIn the end you need that beer.

Recommendation: When traveling, try to take both wide angle and detailed shots to tell the story, Enhance your photos with colors and filters to give the feeling you want to share with your viewer. When showing the photos for your family and friends have everything sorted so your viewer can follow the flow without having to think or you having to explain every photo and remove photos that are totally out of focus or doubles/triples/quadruples… If you have a hard time to remove images, start by throwing away or placing unwanted pictures in a separate folder, process the images and do another thinning of that folder. When you feel you have the ones you want, leave them over the night and go through them again the day after.

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