In the Shade

L1000266-RedigeraToday Stockholm showed her selfe from her best side. Great weather, around 23 degrees celsius and sunny skies. So why not head in to downtown Stockholm and enjoy the last day of my vacation in style. Humlegården is one of many parks in Stockholm City, A beautiful park for equally beautiful people.

However allot seams to be focused at the children here and for me and my wife that was perfect. We ended up sitting on a blanket with some friends, drinking coffee and talking about the world, while my son soon to be 11 months ran around looking att all the stuff that interest a boy in that age.

Of course I had to bring my M9 along. So even though my focus today was taking care of my son, I ended up with a few great Photos.

Preefocusing on my son and then trying to get as close to the ground as possible without smashing my head in the grass lead to cutting of some of my sons hair. But I do love the separation against the background if I remember correctly this is around f/2.8.


Isn’t this what every parent wants to see there child do?

Ofcourse my main focus on this website is the photos and the gear. However there is always something behind the photos. During this period of my life and especially the month that has passed allot of pictures ended up being family photos. But then again, family is the most important thing after all. Being able to combine this two awesome things makes the days so much easier on yourself.

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