ISO the killer… or not?

I’v written short about ISO earlier. It’s the camera manufacturers way or rather the one that created the sensors way to lure us folks into thinking that the sensor gets more sensitive to light when we crank up the ISO when it’s just a number that tells the cameras computer to not bother about the quality that much.
So with all the mumbo jumbo out of the way and me sitting in a snowy and dark Sweden I decided to test the ISO-performance in the A7r.

The below images are at 2 different ISO-settings 8000 and 25600. Both Images processed in LR with exact same PP done which means that one is slightly higher exposed than the other due to me photograping in M rather than  A mode. 25600 or 8000 8000 or 25600Are they both okay? Well for internet I would say yes. For printing? Hmmm. I really don’t know. Offcourse it would depend on the size of the print but both a mushy in the details the 8000 is does have the upper hand her however it’s a static subject and the Shot was done at 1/50th of a sec compared to the 1/100th that the 25600 gave me which is in my comfort zone with this lens and sensor combination. It will take some more getting used to this high ISO-photography but I’m slowly adjusting to it.

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