Kungsträdgården – The Garden of Sakura

Long time no see…  Sins my second son was born nothing but the family has been in my focus.  Today Casper turned 2 months and we decided to celebrate this by going to downtown Stockholm to enjoy the first real spring heat.

I just got my hands on the Holy Grail the sweet Leica Noctilux 50mm f/1.0 E58 and I must say using it for just a few hours on the A7r and I just love it. In a strange way I started to appreciate the A7r like never before.  But enough babbling let’s look at some photos.


This emphasis the Sakura time in Stockholm people start to come out of there winter sleep.


Just an ordinary chair in a cafe.


My friend was taking photos of the flowers and I thought it would look kind of “behind the scenes”  with him in the photo focusing on a random stranger.

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