Leica, I just had to

So for a while I tried to stay away from Leica. Using the Sony A7II as run and gun with all the tech they offer. However I can’t but feel so very detached from the moment when using a Sony. It delivers quality photos and video with great dynamic range but still there is something missing, The feeling of Leica. So I decided to go for the “cheap” solution and buy a used M8 to pair with the only M glas that I have kept a CV 50mm/f1.5 Asph LTM. Its a tragedy to use due to the focus shift from f2 to f5.6, at 1.5 it’s spot (as much as can be) on but never realy sharp it’s more of the glow that old lenses give. On top of all the M suffers from Leicas mistake in not knowing how to utilise the digital format with their first release. This shows in the purple/green tint that comes from a all to thin IR-cut filter. My goal was to be cheap in this respect as well and order a noname substitute online e however after reading some reviews it’s just money in the sea. So for now I will have to live without and cope with the colours. The photo of the M is taken with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and edited in Snapseed. And the photo of my son well thats representative for what I will get with this combo.