Leica M9

Leica M9The Leica M9 As a camera it´s not complete, measured with todays standards allot of people would say that its something hyped up through the roofs and way out of this world, why?

High ISO performance, well if you would consider 640 high well then its good but above that its hmmm poor to be gentle.

LCD a resolution monster at 480.000px, don’t even think about checking your focus out on the field. The LCD is there to give you the necessary info about histogram, Battery and ISO settings.

Auto Focus, what is that? With a rangefinder camera your finger is the focus motor. Knowing your lens and DOF is essential for a fast adjustment.

Correct framing with a rangefinder, well this is not really what your looking for as a street artist you use the framelines as guidance.

Universal lensmount, well as long as you stay with the M-lenses your good to go. you can use any lens from the M and LTM era on your camera.

MFD or the lack of short focus distance, the rangefinder has a limit 70cm due to the technical design and allot of the older lenses stops at around 100cm. So there will be no Macro.

Pricey, I will not comment this.

So why would you buy a camera that is on paper outperformed by any cellphone camera or mirror-less house on the market? Your hart. When I bought the Fujifilm X100 and after that the X100s all I could think about was the Leica M series. The X series had allot of advantages over the M with the leaf-shutter, ISO-performance, Hybrid-VF and more but still the M was always in the back of my head so I just had to go there. I bought one used with only 1800exposures on it. At the time I didn’t have any lens so I had to borrow a lens from the seller to test it out. Holding that dens german precision tool in my hands trying to focus with the RF for the first time not knowing what the f..k I was looking at is something like getting in the drivers seat for the first time and and then and there taking your drivers test. From that moment I knew I was in love with something I did not quit understand. I think I had to stop 2 or 3 times on the 10km home to look at that black german strange and wonderful thing. I quickly started searching for a lens to attach to my wonderful M9 and after a few days of searching I bought a Summicron 50 v3 from 1979. Almost the same age as I am, holy crap being used to search only for the latest when it comes to Canon you get all lightheaded when you find out that you can use a lens that is twice your age on a brand new house. Try that with Canon. However it also reflects on the prices paying tens of thousands of euros for a prehistoric lens isn’t strange at all when we are talking about Leica and it’s still the same when it comes to brand new lenses. Ask a Canon shooter if they are willing to wait one year for a lens they just ordered.Summicron50v3So this became my first Leica lens. It was attached to my camera all the time and it delivered a few photos that I’m very proud of and one that I just love.Big ballBut being a hobby landscape photographer I earned for some wide-angle photography with this 18mp house. I had fantasized that it would be a great companion with me on all my trips so I started looking for the perfect solution.

The Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Heliar Aspherical v.1 would solve all my problems or so I thought.

1. Remember the problem with close focus… well this lens was designed for a 30cm and absolutely not RF-coupled but that did not matter due to the large DOF

2. Colorcast being designed for the mirror-less system you wold think that they had taken into consideration what would happen when the back of the lens gets to close to the sensor. Colorcast due to a reflections of the light-rays that enter the lens.

3. 15mm wide enough or to much? well when you ask the RF it’s to much so what you see in the rangefinder is when you are lucky about 1/3 of what you will end up with. Yes there is and external viewfinder but not wanting to ruin the design of the M9 i decided not to go that way.CV15v1Now you are a Leica user so you don’t see the negative sides of the equipment, you use the positive instead and that is this little thing outperforms anything you throw at it. Sharpness, Size and Feel is all there. Using this lens on any mirror-less turns it into a point and shoot if you want to.CV15mm CV15mmlandscapeThis are very different photos with the same lens one set to 30cm and then just aimed at the target without looking into the RF and the other, a regular wide-angle photo. Deliberately converted to B&W due to that problematic colorcast.

Carrying the M9 around all the time is a great way to learn how to handle the system. I would deffinetly not call my self a Leica photographer after spending only about 6 months with the M9 and a variation of lenses Sony announced there A7r and before I hade seen the final product I sold my M9 and just prayed that it would be that camera that we all had been looking for. One thing tho I am still using my Leica glass on the A7r someone wrote that you only buy Leica glass once, the bodies come and go but the glass will live forever.

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