A path to more interesting sites. – one amazing site with so much to read and look at – If your in to Mirrorless or just want to look at some amazing pictures from all over the world. Steve Huff writes this amazing reviews in depth and on top of reality. – Trey Ratcliff, the person that from the start got me into HDR, Every day he adds a new picture to his site. If your lucky he sometimes adds a movie-clip that discribes the sceen and how he thought when he started the process of capturing the image. – Just an amazing amount of in depth reviews of all the cameragear you could ever need. There is more to that site then just reviews but from my point of view thats what I find most usefull.

The Digital – If you write any Canon (thats what I use so it’s what i can reffer to) lens in google search the one site that most of the time popps up at the top is The-Digital-Picture, Also a great site for in depth reviews of your new gear. – Thorsten Overgaard a Leica shooter that has in depth reviews of the digital M-series, Lenses and side orders. In depth, on top and all around. Everything neatly categorized and sorted into chapters. This is a man that know his Leica.

500px – The site to go to if you want to find photos for a destination your planing to visit. If you want to find a new destination to photograph. If you want to know what a good photo looks like regardless of theme or if you just want to spend hours and hours thinking of all the creative people out there. Of course it would be stupid not to mention my profile, Björn Nihlén.

Sometimes I wonder how on earth they all have the time to write it all.

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