Medium format – The filmdays

Aaron och MeeBack in the days when Medium format was the thing for every Pro photographer, this was the result you sometimes ended up with, scratched film but a lovely depth of field. I earlier published this photo on Google+ but that time I decided to go for the “original” version of the image.

Original is however a bad choice of word for this image altogether, because the fact is that I´v never owned a medium format camera altho I´v been very close to buying one but my brain went in to overload and I pulled myself together.



The above image is just a merg of images from my 5D and 85mm set to f/1.4, in total its about 45 images.

Due to the shallow depth of field at f/1.4 and the field of view you can in the image to the right you can see what the result would look like if I only used one of the frames.

The method is known as the “Brenizer” and is getting very popular among wedding photographers, I do understand why, my image is in no way perfect. when it comes to framing the main subject is mostly dead center in the image and for a more appealing result I should have gone down on my knees. However this is my first attempt and that shows how “easy” it is to create something that only the heavy equipment could manage before.


So how do we get there:

  • Telephoto lens 85-300mm
  • Big aperture preferably 1.2 – 2.8
  • A static (or at least someone that can hold still for 30sec) main subject and an environment thats pretty static around (due to the meny overlapping images)
  • Photoshop


  • Start by searching for the setting that works best for this image. Manual mode is a must and preferably set the WB to whatever you like.
  • Now place your main subject in the center of the made up fram and get him/her/them into a position that they can hold without problem for around 30 sec.
  • Start by shooting from head to toe.
  • Now work your way out from the main subject in a spiral motion until you have filled your imaginary frame.
  • Now it´s up to Photoshop and photomerge to work it´s magic.

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