Music Aid – 2013

header-f-200add847cf45874f49b0017373f74adEvery year the Swedish radio channel P3 a non comersialised, public service channel have a week of charity collection to the world in need.

This year “Musikhjälpen” focuses on an issue that is very important. Every womans right to survive their pregnancy. As father of one boy and the second on the way and my closest friends just having there first child after a somewhat turbulent pregnancy, this is a subject close to my heart. Sweden is one of the countries that is blessed with a health care system that can handle most of the situations, however a big part of the world is in need of our help.

1. Collection for Pregnancy – Click the link. It´s in Swedish and it will only work for cellphones in the Swedish cellphone network… just enter your phone number and you will recive an sms with more instructions.

2. If your live abroad and still want to contribute you can go to Sveriges this site will give you the info for what to do when you cant use your phone however only in Swedish so there for, Transfering money using bankinfo: NDEASESS IBAN SE60 9500 0099 6034 0901 9506 marked with “Musikhjälpen”.

3. One alternative is to bid on the auction site Tradera, this link will take you straight to “Musikhjälpen” auction site. This is a mix of private and commercial donations that you can get home while the money will go straight to the cause.

December the 15th will be the last day of the collection.

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