Ok Google


I spent the evening with my family and my closest friends Per and Fia. Per is a great computer technician and a fan of Android. I have been a Apple gearhead for a long time but a few months ago I traded my iPhone 5 for a Note 3 (as you may have read ib my earlier posts).
This evening it came to my attention that a reasent update to Google Now has opened a quick access to the app just by saying the words “ok Google”…  It works from everywhere and anywhere. As long as the screen is on or the charger is plugged in. And you have the speech recognition set to English US.
But what does this mean? If I speak do you listen and analyze every word I say? Does it mean that you store anything I say? You can turn it of so it’s not forced upon you but it’s there and it’s so easy so why not use the power?
I love the speech recognition as its so fast and till this day hasn’t failed me. However I will wait until the “ok Google” trigger works in Swedish as well untill I embrace it all the way.


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