On the playground with a Leica

Playground 1A lovely Friday, kind of good weather at least not raining at the moment. and me and my family went in to the city to enjoy ourselves. My son soon turning 1 year had a great time in the park and managed to stay on his feet all the time, nearly. Summicron 50/2 1/1000 ISO160 + Perfect B&W

One reason for going in to Stockholm city was so that I could go to Scandinavian Photo to talk about my gear. Standing in that shop I just had to try something out… a 38.800SEK ($5.934, yea we have some heavy taxes in Sweden) Leica Summilux 35mm f/1.4 ASPH, there is only one word to describe that lens: WOW!!!
I mean I have the Summicron 50/2 Type 3 and it delivers sharp results at f/2 but that Summilux it just WOW Jesus it just delivered so much detail and sharpness that I could not believe my eyes, sadly though I’m not made of money and my wallet almost ran away when the cashier told me the price for the thing in the box that she had just given to me. I won’t publish the Images that I took because the inside of a shop isn’t always that interesting and they would have probably hunted me down and shot me if I decided to test the lens outside. So what came out of this test? Well for starters I know that I need deeper pockets and I somehow understand a bit of the price tag, I’m loving my camera ever so slightly more every time I try a new lens on it and finally I know I need that lens. 

Playground 2If you look closely at this Images my son has one special thing with him all the time. A spoon, he just loves that spoon. Always prepared to dig or eat. Summicron 50/2 1/500 ISO160Playground 3My wife decided to help the boy with the task of emptying the playground from sand… they didn’t manage to but the did a good job trying to. Summicron 50/2 1/1500 ISO160

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