One monochrome from Hamburg – GF3

Every city has something to give, For the most part its architecture and street life. But behind the streets there is a different life. In Hamburg its the canals, Down in the harbor they are so big that the largest container ships can dock in these canals, however the evolution in the cargo shipping industry is worse then that in computer technology, what’s biggest today is small tomorrow.
That was not what we wore here for so back to the topic. The photo is of one of the drained canals. I don’t know if it has to do with renovation or just a way to save water.

More and more I enjoy the black and white. if the weather isn’t on my side I prefer to go that way, Often the architecture gets enhanced when there is no color screaming for attention. The viewer can focus on the shapes and the grayscale.

HamburgPanasonic DMC-GF3 with Lumix G 14mm f/2.5 at f/9.0, 1/80sec, ISO 160

I did enjoy photographing with the small GF3 on this trip, I bought this camera for my wife before she and my son went to Thailand just for her to be able to document the life away from home but before she left I just had to try it out.

Handling… Easy to use, with all the bells and whistles you need for a day out on the streets, A little to small for the general “man” I would say. Shooting a one hander is hard… most of the time I changed something by pressing to hard on the rear control dial. Don’t know if its possible to lock that one if not, it would be a great add on for a firmware update. But as I know Panasonic isn’t Fujifilm they wont make any drastic enhancements in a outdated camera model.

Image quality… As long as you stay at base ISO its “good enough” with that said and knowing you can get great images with an iPhone or whatever P&S that it’s mostly up to the photographer. there is something harsh with the images. It sometimes feels like I could have done a better job with my iPhone.

Technical mumbo… Well as long as you do not need a EVF or use an external flash it has it all 12MP sensor in the popular m4/3 size giving you the possibility to use all the great little lenses from well known manufacturers. Sadly no built in image stabilization (finally though on the GX7), Touch screen with the almost iPhone fast interface, A lightning fast AF-system, all the Intelligent Auto modes you can ever want as a modern Instagram photographer, PASM for the enthusiast that just does not bother about the rest.

Do I recommend… Well no, the only reason to buy this one is that its currently(?) the smallest m4/3 camera out there but if your going to buy a camera that is small go for a camera with integrated lens. It will never be compact with multiple lenses. If you want a m4/3 go for an Olympus instead, they have the in-sensor version of image stabilization which is great if you would ever consider using an old lens on the house. Better yet, go for a camera with a APS-C size sensor, sometimes size does matter.

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