Peruvian Sunset


Originally published, 2012-09-02:


So who loves a sunset? most people do. This one is like many other pictures, from Peru. I´m happy with the result even though its blown out in the highlights and a bit grainy but I think it gives something extra, a feeling to it… By the way the photo is from inside a bus on the move.

Sun in desert

So about the picture…

5D ma.. nooo noo noooo… I did not even own one at the time, a Sony DSC-T9 just a small compact camera did this with a little help from the man behind the camera (hint he is writing on this site). When I come to think of it I dontknow why I didn´t use my 20D hmmmm…
6.33mm (dont know what it translates into with full frame)
at f3.5
ISO 100

This is why I like the picture so much… It´s incredible what a small compact can create, If you just set your mind to it. So dont go spending your money, thinking the pictures will get better okay its a great way for evolving and moving forward If your really into photography, but starting with a simpel compact and just trying to push it and your self as far as possible, will get you a long way.

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