Revisiting Annedal with the Voigtländer 15mm

Today (2013-07-18) that weather wonder man up in the sky was with us again. Topping out at around 30° C just pushes you to be outside and what better way the to spend your lunchtime with the Leica M9 and the new Voigtländer 15mm Hel… bla bla bla, why such a long name. Do you have to tell the whole story with the name? Back to topic, in Annedal the place with the blue bridge, I felt that the are would be just perfect for this lens. the architecture and the surroundings, well perfect.

Blue Bridge 15mm

As I’ve said before… it’s hard to frame without the dedicated 15mm View finder… but the in the second shot I managed to get the bridge in its full length.Annedal Horizontal Similar framing to the one with the Summicron 50/2 but a heck of a lot more in the picture adding to this I had to crop away a bit of the house on the right.Annedal Wide B&WThis one just worked as a B&W with some help from Perfect B&W and the filter Kodak 100 T-MAX, the rest is just the M9 in camera jpg processBuilding AnnedalDramatic clouds with a dramatic houseBench V 2.0 15mmI just love the design of this bench, combined with the supporting columns on the read house.

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