Samsung NOTE Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note edge
Samsung Galaxy Note edge

So I decided to give my selfe a christmas gift. The new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. I have previously been using the iPhone 5 and after that the Note 3. I do enjoy the larger screen on the Note and the S-Pen. However after buying the iPhone 6 Plus to my wife the Note started to feel outdated regarding camera and design but the new Edge was around so I took a leap of faith and went for it and utill this day, only been using it for 4 days I’m enjoying the new improved camera, multitasking and all the other things that make the Note a great smart phablet. Some may say that the Edge is just an overpriced Note 4. For me the extra screen ads some functionality and allot of design and I aplaud Samsung for testing something totaly different and want to support them by using it.



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