Self Portrait

A photo of yourself… A way for you to show the world who you are, who you would like to be or just an photo of an ordinary person.

One of the most challenging task you can do, taking s self portrait that your satisfied with that at the same time does not beautify you but still makes it interesting enough for the viewer to think for a second.

Most of the self portraits now days is for profiles on different websites. So why, when we have the possibility to reach millions of people do we mostly use a mobile camera? It’s always there you say, It’s so easy to publish from my mobile, I can Instagram my photo so It looks like It was taken back in the days when nobody knew what an IPadPhonePod was… or for that matter Internet. I’m not trashing anyones profile picture I know I’v shared a decent amount of crapy versions.
Think of it as your first date… or when your getting Married or any other big day in your life. How much effort did you put into presenting yourself from your best side but still showing the true you? Allot? Well take 50% of that into the Image that will be available to millions of people for the rest of your life.

Self Portrait

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