Sony RX1R Cyber-shot at a price

RX1RA few days back Sony anounced an addition to the lovely “Cyber-shot” RX1… the new RX1R. However this will not be a replacement rather an additional option for the one who wants to get the most out of the Zeiss lens and the 24MP sensor. Sony did the “Nikon-E-thing” and removed the AA-filter on the new R-version giving you the most out of the sensor when it comes to detail.  One majur difference to Nikon tho… You get this version for the same price as the non R-modell.

Instead of me babbling on about something I haven’t tried out head over to Stevehuff:

SteveHuff First RX1R

SteveHuff More RX1R

New link added 2013-07-09:

SteveHuff The Review RX1R

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