Street photography Lomo with Leica


Sometimes that photo that felt totally wrong turns out to be the one you like the most. This was one of those. I had prefocused the Noctilux at a point in the ground around 10 meters away.  Sitting on a park bench just waiting for the right moment to fire away. After a few shoots I gave up, nothing interesting happend and I started to play around with the exposure instead. Suddenly this couple walked by and I just took the photo not knowing what I was aiming at and when I got the photo I straight away knew it was over exposed. Adding to this the composition was totally wrong and nothing really appealed to me. However when I got home I transferred the photos to the computer opened them up in Lightroom. This was so bad that I just wanted to throw it in the trash can but something held me back and I started to push the exposure…  Wow there was allot more information available then I first thought. After that I cropped the photo and here we are. A feeling of Lomo-Insta-Polaroid from the Leica M240 and Noctilux f1. No saturation added,  the flair is original Noctilux.

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