Street Walk

After having my head in a basket for the past days due to illness I decided to take my M and go in to Stockholm city and the Old Town. I have read so much the past weeks about not reading so much and instead doing it. Taking every opportunity you get to use your camera. I often drag it along when I’m out with my kids for a walk but it’s not the same thing as being all alone with only one thing to focus on, the picture.
So despite still being dozy from the latest fever top and all the pills you need to stay floating, nothing heavy just the regular, fix-everything-pill Alvedon… By the way is it only Sweden that has this overwhelming trust in this pill?
BTT: So the mission of the day. produce lovely photos with the M, Noctilux, CV35/1.2 and the newcomer CV21/4. My main goal is to learn the craft of shooting with the Noctilux so I can be reasonably confident in using it fast and controlled so leaving this lens on for the most part was the way to go. However not being there quite yet made me bring along the 35 if everything went down the drain and the 21 was there if I found something that the others just could not fit. I had just received the Olympus VF-2 so I would be able to compose a shot with ease with the 21 attached.
So how did this day turn out? We’ll lets say that I think I would have gained on staying in bed for just one more day. God thing tho I still got some photos, I removed the 50 only when it was time to go back to the car and the 21 never left the bag neither did the EVF (I just love the rangefinder so much).
We’ll now I’m not totally honest with you. I fitted the 35 noticed that I really didn’t like the framing for street photography but before going back to the car I did this thing every one should try I found a place, a frame that I wanted. I prefocused at f1.4 and waited for the right subject to enter. This was not that hard. old Town is quit popular among tourists so the variety is huge. My take was this regular overly Swedish tax free souvenir shop and waiting for a totally unexpected guy in the midd twenties with this, without sounding like an old… Old, old man, hip-hop style. Big jeans, big sunglasses, a jacket made for two cool style. So I patiently waited for this person to just exit the shop again… Patience is not one of my strongest qualities. And just as I se him approaching the exit this big truck parks in front of me and my perfect victim… This leaves me with this two and a few more photos.



Leica M240
Noctilux 50mm f/1.0

Post production:
Samsung Note 3
Photoshop Express

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