Strömsfors, One more from the road

Old industrial buildings are always interesting, especially those made out of bricks. Just thinking about the effort and amount of work they’ve putt behind the arches around the windows makes me wonder what it was originally designed for. I know that the arch is a powerful design when it comes to structural engineering but still, they have gone through some work to not only get the structural part right but also the designStrömsforsThis image is actually a total failure when it comes to what my goal was… however after taking 2 exposures holding the camera in a quite awkward position not knowing what I was aiming at I understood that the only way for me to succeed with the photo in my mind was to jump down on the flood bed 1,5meters down… equipped with the not so durable choice of clothes today a suit. I decided that the failure would be the photo to go for this time.Strömsfors B&WI have to say it again as I always come back to the fact that I love how the 15mm and the M9 renders in B&W
StrömsforsIt does a good job in color as well with a little tweaking but the B&W, It’s so easy.

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