Sven and the A7r in Borås

So today the horrible storm named “Sven” arrives at the south coast of Sweden. A little bit inland and to the north, the city of Borås receives the mild version of rain/snow/wind all at the same time. I grabbed my R and the 50/0.95 and threw myself out there to try out the lowlight performance combined with how shock proof I am in terms of nonIS.

Being out on the road means that I can’t use my laptop for photo editing but transferring the images to the iPhone is so simple. And the amount of information in the files is amazing.


I know I should have used the built in leveler but I just don’t like it in the middle of the EVF.



The SLRMagic works really well for night photography. The vignette is quite prone with the 1.3 crop format that it’s lenses are designed for. The darkness of the night forgives allot.

The below photo lead me to adjust the shutter speed from 1/100 to 1/250.

My built in IS isn’t that good.

The settings for all the above photos:

1/100 – 1/250sec
ISO 1600
Live IS= On but a horrible version.

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