Tearing down the House

No trespassing

A year back or two me and my friend Per Ardne went to this location in Spånga just outside of Stockholm city. At that time the house was an abandoned industrial building with a somewhat unknown future. These days it seems like the owner and the city council has come to some sort of an agreement due to it being torn to peaces.

Going down

Back then I was using the 5D mark ll, not having one thought about being able to go back with a Leica M240 and the Noctilux.  It’s a totally different place and a totally different way to shoot with this camera.  Due to the sign, monster machine’s and me walking around in a costume and polished shoes I didn’t get any closer than this. The last time we were here we went into the middle of the building.

Heavy tools

Leica M type 240
Noctilux 50mm f/1.0
Aperture f 1.0-4.0
ISO 200
Variable ND-filter

Post process:
Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3
Photoshop Express

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