The day Before day “C”

The 18th of February me and my wife headed in to Stockholm city to meet the people that wore going to help here conceive our next child. Waiting for our turn at the hospital gave me the rare opportunity to walk around in Hammarby Sjöstad, a nice new neighborhood with all the modern facilities and architecture the locals could ever need. This turned out to become a pretty short walk because 1, running around with a pregnant woman has both it’s up and downsides. 2, Thinking that +3 degrees is warm when your near the water is just foolish.

So this are just 2 of the photos that the day gave me.

Both wore shot with the Sony A7r, a camera thats growing on me every day. Added to this a Leica Summilux 35mm f/1.4 pre ASPH v2 from the 70s. This is an amazing lens by the way. I will sometime in the future put together a review on this lens but due to the above reason it might take a while. However this is the smallest 35/1.4 in the market and at 1.4 it delivers that magic Leica glow just stop it down and it gets really sharp.

Both photos are heavily processed in LR and PS with some help from a few plugins as well.

House of GlasThis one is the most processed of them both. I deliberately added some extra glow and vignette to focus on the subject of interest. This brings me to Apple-Store in New York the feeling is there but this one is something totally different. Bridge Hammarby Sjöstad

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