The falling castle

What happens in the haunted mansion in the middle of the night?
Just a short while back this was the beautiful Castle of the Snuff King. Now it’s falling apart and instead the nightly visits of ghosts and monsters are taking over.

Actually it’s not that bad, the renovation of the facade is going, well I have no clue in what way it’s going, at the moment I think nothing’s happening due to holidays in Sweden but that gives me the opportunity to create an “Haunted Mansion” out of it.

This is what I love with the Leica and the 15mm, it works great in B&W and you won’t have to care about the color cast that the 15mm gives due to the high angle against the sensor on the camera. This time I had to crop the photo pretty hard due to the distance from the subject and how incredibly much you get with that 15mm.

Today I’m in Malmö with the famous house Turning Torso and I’m amazed how much I can squeeze into that sensor with the Voigtländer 15 and still have straight lines, however I need the 15mm VF it’s totally impossible to frame something without it if your on the edge of what the frame can swallow. As soon as I get home to my computer I will publish some of the photos.

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