The Fast 35, Purple problems

I managed to get out for a while with my camera this Friday. Not that I did any extensive work or any longer tour with it but I brought it along for a visit downtown and for a walk in the nearby forest.

I just love the rendering of this lens. The weight and the bulkiness isn´t any problem when you know it delivers, however and this is a big one:
Purple fringing is a definite problem, Most of the time you can remove it in PP and thats fine and all, I don’t mind this as I’m used to some fiddling around in the computer before I’m fully satisfied and when you shoot smaller apertures you most of the time only have to nudge the bar for purple correction, However being an f/1.2 lens and bought to be one why would you stop it down for anything els then the few times you want that DOF, Now we have a problem, the out of focus areas and the borders to the OOF can create demanding purple fringe, so much so that you will have to remove the color all the way resulting in a grey area in stead of a purple and the things that are purple turn grey all the way.Near the WaterOn the above photo I’v tried to remove as much as possible without putting to much time into it, still you can see in the water highlights and in the gravel near the big rock in the middle of the photo that there is a hell of a lot to do before I reach the end. Purple fringe 35mmA closeup of the highlights (blown out) and the fringing as it was originally.

But as I said this is a great lens and you’ll always have to take the good with the bad. Pricing a f/1.2 lens at this range only means that there is a compromise somewhere, I’v heard that even the fabulous outrageously priced Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 from Leica shows some color problems from time to time and that lens is priced in the clouds.

Just to show that it preforms, I wanted to give you this photos to look at.

Ferrari 458 Flowers behind Bars Playing in the sunset


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