The Flower Power

Out on a walk with my wife and son, just so we could enjoy the lovely weather that we have received the past few days. I tend to, against my wife’s negative sounds always try to carry a camera with me, I meen what if the boy suddenly decides to throw an ice cream at his mother, or jump into the lake. You always have to be prepared for the possibility of a great picture I tell here, So I drag around that heavy pice of machinery, the 5D mostly with battery-grip and the not so lightweight 85mm f/1.2, at around 2.5kilos its not the lightest combo but the 85 is a fun lens to use and as long as I haven’t bought any lens for the Leica M9 it will continue to dig a ditch in my shoulder.

IMG_4160This flower was left all alone on the sidewalk, Against the hard asphalt it felt like a great antipode. But mostly this image shows the shallow depth of field at f/1.2. Below you can se the 100% crop from the original image. It shows of the crazy bokeh and the sharpness of this lens at the same time… Why the flower isn´t the sharpest part of the frame? Well we have to blame the photographer for that, but making my wife wait even more for me to get that 100% picture doesn’t work every time. IMG_4160crop

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