The New Leica on a test d(R)ive

IMG_4209So I have now invested in a Leica Summicron 50mm f/2 from 1970, its the lens that Leica decided to produce with higher contrast. It’s amazing that a small thing like this survives 43 years in service and still performs like it was brand new.

Today is my wifes birthday so according to her liking we went to Djurgården with our son and my mother starting with a not so good lunch at O’Learys, the first and last time I visit them on Djurgården.

L1000210-RedigeraThis image went through Perfect Effects 4 to get a little grunge feeling.
L1000226So my 10 month old son and my wife enjoying the Aquaria. Compared to other cities and there simular facilities this is like a tiny drop in the ocean. takes about 30 minutes to walk through if you look att all the fishes.

The Leica performed just as i hoped it would under these dark circumstances. If you push the shadows you get allot of noise. and the highlights is not as saveable as on the 5D mark II. But then again when you nail the focus… you nail it. It’s such a great feeling. I would compare it to pushing you motorbike through that perfect bend and you just feel the flow.
L1000225Colorful as they sayL1000246This was a test how much I could save from the shadows, that was totally black, I actually forgot to change the ISO when I got out of Aquaria so I kept on shooting at ISO 1250 for a while but it worked out anyway.

L1000254Just as we made it to the car I came across this greens hiding in the shadow of a tree. the pollen from the trees around created a blanket of white cotton.

So my first day with the Leica out in the fields worked out just as it should… I love the feeling, the handling and the endresult. Now I have to practice my skills in setting the right exposure so I wont have to deal with to much noise. I will continue using my 5D for a while due to the extensive amount of gear I have and that it at the moment is the best camera for Landscape. However, on a daily basis I will use the Leica.

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